We want to inspire people, solve problems and celebrate success together.

morefire Team

The basis on which we achieve all this is our great staff. Because they….

  • are great people with whom customers and colleagues like to work and spend time.
  • think in ways that are creative and pragmatic, thus managing the most complex tasks.
  • are curious and innovative and ensure that morefire and our customers can constantly advance.

This leads to success.


Success for our customers who acquire new customers and tap new opportunities with online marketing measures.


Success for us as an agency, because we get recommended, find new awesome customers, employees and partners and continue to grow.


Why is our staff so awesome and make our customers and us so successful?

  • Our employees enjoy the freedom to grow, advance and implement their own ideas.
  • We trust them and believe in the power of their ideas and solutions. And when, for once, no sparkling new idea is on hand, each member of our team of 60 can go and look for sparring partners.
  • Reliability and discipline aren’t a question of age and experience. For us, they are the result of motivation, challenging tasks and honest appreciation.
  • The assumption of responsibility is not a possibility but a natural obligation of each and every employee starting at day one.
  • Honesty and appreciation.


Is everything always perfect, without problems at our firm, and is everybody always in a good mood?

No. But we work hard to achieve it.


Sparring partners and service providers

From experience, we know we achieve resounding success for a customer only when we work in a spirit of partnership. This means:

We bring our marketing know-how together with the knowledge of the product and target group on the part of the customer and let something valuable unfold. Learning from each other and develop something great in common.

We are not gurus who miraculously make customers successful nor are we agents that simply implement the customer’s ideas – instead, we’re sparring partners.


A meeting in which no one laughs is not a good meeting.

Of course, there are serious, critical topics and situations that must be discussed with care and focus. Because jobs for the customers, partners and in our own firm depend on our performance.

But: We are people and always achieve the best results when we tackle the work with joy, enthusiasm and a huge dollop of ease and grace.


We want to share this joy, ease and grace as well as enthusiasm with everybody who works with us.