BVDW Code of Conduct Content Marketing

Content marketing needs guidelines and a uniform understanding of the market. The supporting pillars of the Code of Conduct Content Marketing are:

  • Uniform understanding and definition
  • Transparency in dealing with sales structure, the range of services and cost structure
  • Reliable working methods with third parties, in the labelling obligation and with legal framework conditions
  • Quality and truthfulness
  • Measurability
  • Distribution

By signing the BVDW Code of Conduct, morefire commits itself to comply with these criteria and conditions in the field of content marketing.

BVDW SEO Certificate

The certificate of the BVDW, granted by the German Association for the Digital Economy, acknowledges professionalism and competence in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Among other things, selected projects are assessed by an expert advisory board with the consent of the customer.

In order to receive the certificate, the engagement and work experience of our SEO experts, as well as, the satisfaction of our customers are assessed.

The morefire SEO team is not only passionate about their field, they are experts in it.

BVDW SEA Certificate

The SEA quality certificate recognizes the profound knowledge and professionalism of the morefire Search Engine Advertising (SEA) team. To be grated this certificate, criteria such as the way of working, customer satisfaction, experience, and commitment of our SEA team was evaluated and reviewed through customer surveys.

Google Marketing Platform Certified Partner

With this certificate, Google confirms our expert status in the area of Google Marketing. Google carefully checks whether we as a company meet Google’s high standards. As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, we bring the resources and know-how you need to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Due to our special expertise in the Google tools Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize and Data Studio, we have also been awarded the corresponding certificates by Google.

HubSpot Diamond Partner and HubSpot CMS Developer Certificate

Hubspot’s Agency Partner Program recognizes those partners who provide inbound methodology to most customers and provide inbound marketing services to the highest standards. The level of the partner program is determined by HubSpot based on various criteria, including actual inbound marketing success and customer retention. morefire is one of only 3 Diamond partners in the DACH region.

The HubSpot CMS Developer Certificate is awarded to capable partners who build web assets on the HubSpot CMS on a professional level. They have proven that they have the necessary HTML and CSS skills required to create and maintain CMS templates and modules.

Google Ads Premier Partner

This certificate demonstrates the deep and comprehensive knowledge of the Search Engine Advertising team.

With the Premier Partner Certificate, Google recognizes that our SEA team surpasses even more requirements than other Google partners, therefore, proving their advanced knowledge of all aspects of Google Ads. In addition, our team has a sound and extensive background in Google Ads, which is regularly audited by the Academy for Ads.

Through our status as Premier Partner, we receive faster and more intensive support and training from Google. This allows us to test and implement new features before they are officially launched to the public.

Facebook Marketing Partner

Only companies that meet Facebook’s standards are awarded with the Facebook Marketing Partner Badge. As a Facebook Marketing Partner, we support you from advertising to product sales via Facebook and offer you solutions that help you achieve your goals.

Microsoft Advertising Select Agency Partner

Our Search Engine Advertising (SEA) team is certified by Microsoft Advertising as experts that provide a thorough understanding of SEA and the Microsoft Advertising platform, as well as, quality advice and optimal results to clients.

Bing-Partner-Award „Influencer of the Year – Europe – 2018“

The Bing Partner Award, Influencer of the Year- Europe- 2018, honors an individual in one of the partner organizations that demonstrates the most effective, innovative, and performance oriented work in the regions of North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Through her commitment to partnering with Bing Ads and continuous effort to break down barriers, our associate Laura Kunisch was presented the 2018 award for Europe.

Google Certified Trainer

Certified trainers are industry experts with years of experience and an understanding of how to impart their practical orientation and experience on others. They are subject to frequent quality control audits by the Google Academy. In addition to their specialized trainings, they receive lessons in didactic methods of instruction. Lastly, Google certified trainers not only have expert knowledge in Google Ads and Analytics, but also numerous years of experience in these fields.

OMT Expert Seal

OMT is one of the most important events in the field of online marketing in Germany. Our morefire experts appear there regularly as speakers and share their expertise with the participants of the OMT. This is why we have been awarded (with?) the OMT Expert Seal.