Networking is important to us. A large network and a lively exchange of ideas are important, particularly in online marketing. Because business is flexible and constantly advancing.



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Our partner in Southern Germany offers creative full-service solutions for digital and traditional advertising. Their motto: “Thinking with your heart” Kraftjungs explore their target group and find out what it is “longing” for.

Hochhaus Digital

A long-standing, trustful collaboration connects us to Hochhaus Digital. Locally separated only by a couple of metres, we work together on many exciting projects. In common, we try to satisfy customers on the highest level.

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Everywhere Network

morefire is one of the founding members of the Everywhere Network, a global alliance of online marketing agencies from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Slovakia and South Africa. The network aims at establishing and stabilising brands on the international market. For you, the combined knowledge and experience of the network means in real terms better international solutions and strategies.


Maxlead is our international partner from the Netherlands. Like us, the agency is part of the international Search Everywhere Network. Maxlead was founded in 2002 as an SEM agency. At this point, its portfolio includes strategic online marketing consulting, Web analytics and online lead management.

Echte Liebe

Echte Liebe is a programmatic marketing agency from Cologne.

A successful marketing measure is always preceded by a good strategy. The strategy is based on a thorough and holistic analysis of the goals and data of the advertiser. Echte Liebe implements these strategies programmatically and does it with great attention to detail.

Marketing in its very own form should give impulses and contribute to drive innovation. This is where Echte Liebe comes in: all opportunities and potential that arise along the programmatic advertising process and value chain are consistently used.

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Google Partner

We are a Google Partner agency! The Google Partner platform is for advertising agencies, digital marketing companies and online consulting firms. Alongside numerous resources, training documents for Google products as well as studies and video material for agencies, customers have the opportunity to find suitable agencies via the partner search.



We are a member of the German Association for Digital Economy (Bundesverband für Digitale Wirtschaft, BVDW). BVDW e. V. is the main lobby of companies that operate digital business models and are active in the area of digital value creation.


microtech has been developing and selling highly networked ERP software since 1985, seamlessly linking the areas of merchandise management, e-commerce, logistics and shipping, financial accounting and payroll accounting. For example, standard e-commerce processes such as order and returns handling can be easily automated. With the help of microtech, we support our customers in optimizing all business processes.