Content marketing – more authority, more coverage, more customers

Acquire new customers online through expertise and coverage. Content marketing is the best tool to achieve both.

Use the potential of content marketing now:

  • A great deal of attention with much-in-demand content
  • Good, solid Google rankings with high quality content
  • Acquire more loyal, more satisfied customers owing to heightened trust


What is Content Marketing

Content marketing is defined by the creation and dissemination of relevant and high-quality content (e.g. texts, graphics, videos, e-books, white papers or newsletters). With this marketing discipline, you get the attention of the target group early on and build up trust and loyalty. Potential customers are won over to your own company and its range of services, and your brand is enshrined in the minds of the target group with positive memories.

Unlike product marketing, content marketing does not focus on the positive presentation of the company with its products. Instead, the trust of the target group is gained by conveying useful and advisory information and attractive entertainment, and your own brand is placed as an authority.

The creation and distributon of informative, advisory or entertaining content that the target groups find already in the information phase constitutes the core of a content marketing measure. This way, your own brand is enshrined early on in the minds of the target group with positive memories.

Purchasing a product or making use of a service is usually preceded by intense research. During this phase, the target group is searching for information and problem solutions rather  than for the product, which normally is just the final step in the purchase process. Strategically-planned content marketing measures mean that the company is given the opportunity to reach potential customers and to interact with them without directly selling something to them.

The challenge here is to reach the right people (target group) by means of a well-thought-out approach (strategy), the right content, at the right time (seeding), in the right place (influencers).  Monitoring and reporting provide important key figures for the achievement of the defined goals, and the final campaign analysis yields important optimisation potentials for future ad promotions.

Content marketing process

Goals of content marketing

Goals are defined in the first step of the content marketing strategy. The strategy to be defined can take different forms, depending on the goal. Is the goal a boost in brand awareness within the relevant target group? Is it supposed to increase website traffic? Is it to strengthen link building on the website? Or is it for generating leads?

Together with you, we will define the right goals for your success!

Content marketing strategy

Based on the defined goals, we determine with you a content marketing strategy that is custom-tailored to your company and your target group. Along with the content, the suitable medium and the channels used, the strategy includes a detailed campaign sequence and the frequency of new content.

We create the right strategy for you for goal achievement!

Researching and monitoring topics

Once the framework has been set up, the subject research for the content to be created is on the agenda. Topical relevance, timeliness, scope and added value for the user are of special significance here. We set up a special monitoring for your industry and your topics to be able to generate up-to-date and interesting content for you on an ongoing basis. We spot the latest trends in your industry, which enables us to create intriguing content for your target group.

We find for you the latest trends and needs of your target group!

Content creation

We collaborate with our network of Web designers and graphic artists to create premium content. Our in-house editorial team creates unique texts on request which are customized to your target group and are found thanks to SEO. In short, we create top-notch content that is attractive both on message and visual terms which will ensure that you will achieve your goals.

We ensure that content of the highest quality is created!

Influencer research and seeding process

Just as important as the creation of high-quality content is the seeding of the content to the relevant opinion makers in the industry. The best content contribute too much if it is not found and disseminated by others. We have contacts to portals with the widest coverage as well as tools for the identification of the most important sources in your industry.

We ensure that your content is found by the relevant target group!


Monitoring und Reporting

For measuring the success of your campaign, we implement compelling monitoring directly at the onset of each campaign. Hence, we can capture the KPIs that are important for your success and prepare them for you in a transparent report.

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