Search engine optimization (SEO) – more visibility on a long-term basis

Do you want Google to love your Web site? That it has more presence in the search results and gets more organic traffic? Then you are in the right place with morefire! We have been providing customers with advice and support in all matters relating to the topic of search engine optimization (SEO) for more than 10 years.


This is how a solid SEO carries  your business forward:

  • More traffic: More visibility results in more clicks on Google and BING and thus more potential customers.
  • More trust: The more presence you have in the search results, the more relevant you become in the eyes of potential customers. That creates trust.
  • More market share: In many industries, a presence on Google is a vital factor in the struggle for market share. Do not leave the field to your competitors. More reputation: The one who stands at the top of the list on Google gains in reputation. Take advantage of this chance for your company.


Our SEO services for you:

At morefire, we distinguish the following phases in search engine optimization:

  • SEO starter kit: With our one-of-a-kind SEO starter kit, we help you to make your Web site fit for search engines like Google, Bing and so forth. Constituting the basis of our SEO starter kit are the SEO audits and analyses, from which we infer a prioritised catalogue of SEO measures with specific recommendations for your Web site.
  • SEO sparring & consulting For us at morefire, this means a mix of proactive SEO consultancy and support. We stand at your side as a sparring partner for all your support questions relevant to SEO – and beyond it, of course. Because only long-term partnership between you as the customer and us as the SEO agency can ensure the success of search engine optimization. As part of the SEO sparring & consulting, you are assigned a permanent SEO project manager from our SEO team, who is always personally there for you.
  • Content marketing: For a successful search engine optimization today, you must establish yourself as a brand by means of well-coordinated marketing measures. From an SEO point of view, you must ensure that the content of your Web site gets noticed but is also linked and recommended. here: you can see that content marketing has far more potential than simple link building.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a sub-discipline of search engine marketing, which is separated into SEA – search engine advertising in the form of Google Ads ads or Bing ads and search engine optimization (SEO).


Objectives of SEO

SEO aims at optimising your own Web site in such a way that more visitors are steered to your Web site by means of better rankings.

Successful search engine optimization is based on technical principles, competition-relevant Keyword analyses, content blocks in the form of texts as well as a holistic information architecture of the Web site. A strategy works in the long term only when it is tailor-cut to both customer needs and the special features of the Web site. This means that state-of-the-art search engine optimization can no longer be considered in isolation. Instead, it must be seen as the interface of a great number of disciplines in the company.

Advantages of search engine optimization

Every Web site should have a goal – usually an economic goal that can be measured by Web analysis. In order to achieve this goal, it makes sense that you are found in search engines. SEO has the advantage that exactly those visitors are attracted to one’s own Web site who searching for specific information and thus are already closer to the destination than visitors via push marketing channels.

Another advantage of a long-term optimization of your own Web site is that you invest in your own assets such as technology or content and not in third-party systems.

Paid marketing channels such as Google Ads are in contrast to this. The advantage here is that you can achieve short-term results with payment. A well-thought-out search strategy therefore consists of a clever combination of SEO and SEA.

SEO analyses

A successful SEO strategy is always based on an in-depth analysis. This applies to SEO no less than to any other online marketing discipline. In the context of our SEO starter kit and our SEO sparring & consulting, we help you with SEO analyses of all types.

    • Keyword analysis and keyword strategy: Prior to going to work on the actual search engine optimization, an extensive keyword analysis is absolutely mandatory. Because what can a good ranking do for you when the keywords are all wrong? We help you initially to collect all keyword data, to evaluate it and develop from it a keyword strategy that is customised to your Web site. A mix of tool-supported work, experience and common sense has proven of value in this respect.
    • On page analysis: A comprehensive SEO “on page analysis” of your Web site in terms of technology and content helps to identify optimization potential. In technical terms, we examine, among other things, SEO factors such as page speed, URLs and accessibility of content; in terms of content, we analyse content factors such as title tags, meta descriptions, text content, image SEO and lots more.
      In addition to the analysis of the SEO factors of a Web site, we offer analyses regarding the topic of usability optimization, so that the visitors to your Web site feel good at your place and ultimately generate sales. In short: We support you in making your Web site fit for visitors AND search engines, because only the both of them together make sense.
  • Back link analysis: In a back link analysis, we examine and evaluate the current link profile of your own Web site or those of your competitors. A back link analysis helps you to assess the quality of the previous link building and avoid Google penalties or fall victim to algorithm changes and Google updates in the future. We help you get an overview of your link profile and infer from that what path you ought to take in content marketing.
  • Penalty analysis (in the case of Google penalty): If you suspect you have been punished by Google or have fallen victim to one of the algorithm updates such as Panda, Penguin, etc., you should have a Google penalty analysis of your Web site performed. We help you identify why your SEO traffic has slumped and find the right counter-measures.
  • Relaunch support: Do you plan a Web site relaunch in the near future and want to minimise traffic losses? We support and accompany you professionally in the planning and implementation of the relaunch – and not only from an SEO perspective. Both a facelift and a technical relaunch with URL changes can generate sources of error. The work is often underestimated, and the revision calls for many resources from different areas. Lacking or deficient forwarding in particular as well as the conversion of linking can result in permanent damage and ruin your relaunch. Only through early planning can sources of error be identified and avoided, so that a ranking loss of your site will not occur.

Mobile SEO

Owing to the increased use of mobile devices, the relevance of an optimised mobile Internet presence has come to the fore. In addition, mobile users often use the search machine to go into the Internet. This is where mobile SEO comes in.

Mobile search engine optimization deals with the display and optimization of your Web site that was developed or is to be developed for the purpose of better depiction and increased usability on mobile devices.  The term search engine optimization (SEO) covers technical as well as content-relevant measures that aim at better ranking in the mobile organic search results of established search engines. One of the primary goals of mobile SEO can be the increase in visitor numbers through organic search engine rankings. The optimization process focuses on the mobile end user of common mobile phones with a full-fledged Internet browser, e.g. smartphones.

Mobile SEO phases

  • Web analysis: A detailed Web analysis is the ideal starting point in order to develop a successful mobile support strategy. To this end, we first carry out an exact status quo investigation of mobile traffic potentials, relevant keyword fields as well as distributed device classes of your mobile visitors.
  • Mobile SEO audit: Based on this Web analysis, we then work out comprehensively all the optimization potentials of your (future) mobile Web site. Along with an initial competition analysis and a detailed keyword research, this includes a well-founded concept with recommendations for technical configuration and content design. From this, we infer an itemised catalogue of SEO measure for successful collaboration in the future.
  • Web design and usability: When making a decision on a basic mobile Web strategy – from responsive Web design to secondary solutions all the way to a mobile-only strategy – we gladly support you in the finding of a solution that is custom-tailored to your business.  Considering and analysing the factors for an optimal mobile usability is a decisive criterion.
  • Technical configuration: The parallel existence of a mobile and a stationary Web site with theoretically similar content requires a search engine-friendly display of many technical parameters. The configuration of this level of the architecture is done on request by one of the highly-qualified SEO experts at morefire.
  • Content management: The development of relevant content components and the optimization of the content of your Web site are among the most important factors for search engine optimization. Our editorial team supports you with the creation of theme-relevant and target group-relevant content for your mobile Web site, taking into account the intention of your mobile users who are focused upon.
  • Local presence: The strong dominance of regional references in mobile search queries requires a high level of visibility of your mobile Web site in the local search. This includes the integration of relevant information with a local reference as well as the establishment as well as the constant maintenance and upgrade of your Google My Business profile.

YouTube, Google Places and image optimization

Universal Search displays such as videos, pictures, Google Places entries and news visually stand out from the rest of the search results and are therefore logically perceived and thus clicked more often.

Today, depending on the subject of the query, up to two thirds of all Google search results are served with Universal Search integrations. For this reason alone, it makes sense to deal with the topics YouTube SEO, Google Places SEO and Picture SEO. Therefore, it is extremely important to also prepare this content for search engines in order to attract more visitors to your website. As an SEO agency, we are happy to help.

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