Paid advertising – more visibility, more clicks, more conversions

Whether you want to increase brand awareness, generate interest in your products or turn website visitors into buyers: Paid advertising offers unique opportunities for achieving your goals.



More success with paid advertising measures:

  • Search engine advertising (SEA) by certified, dedicated professionals
  • Google Ads – strategy, analysis and creativity for your successful campaigns
  • Google Shopping – e-commerce success through optimised product feeds
  • Social ads – generate scalable, qualified coverage via ads on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Programmatic advertising – data-driven campaigns with an incredible performance
  • Native advertising – build up trust, generate leads, boost sales
  • Display advertising – cutting-edge banner advertising that enshrines your brand in the minds of users and makes sales grow

Do you want to acquire new customers via search engines such as Google and are looking for a partner who will optimise your campaigns on a personal, transparent and individual basis? Then we ought to get to know each other. Because we are 100% dedicated to understand your cutomers, developing the best strategies and tactics to implement successful SEA campaigns.

Be present in the search results at exactly the right time with exactly the right message – this is how you gain new customers efficiently on a measurable basis. As a certified Google Ads Premier partner, we ensure you achieve precisely that. We mobilise our experience, use professional tools and bring endless enthusiasm to our customers.

Grow on a scalable basis as an online shop with Google Shopping: In order to make that possible for our customers, we combine the technical knowledge for the optimisation of product feeds with the experience gained in many shopping campaigns as well as highly efficient tools. This is how we can pump up your margins as our customer or maximise your sales.

A high profile creates trust, trust leads to sales. Use the potential of display advertising in order to build up this chain. Cleverly designed campaigns, optimal measurability and a continual advancement makes display advertising your new customer base.

Regardless whether you want to reach B2Ccustomers or B2B customers: You will hit any target group right on the spot with ads in social networks. Take advantage of the different advertising possibilities for high interaction rates and for the build-up of awareness and trust, so that visitors first turn into fans, then into customers.

Data-driven, precise and an amazing performer: With programmatic advertising, it is extremely efficient to capture users for your brand and your products, build up awareness and prepare sales by means of banner ads. Reach the right user in the right place at the right time!

With this advertising, which doesn’t look or feel like advertising to the user, you gain attention, trust and thus are able to prepare purchases in a targeted way. Our team of editors and advertising professionals create campaigns that are informative, entertaining and sales boosters all at once.


Profitable search engine marketing

Given the great amount of digital advertising possibilities, the build-up of search engine marketing and the selection of the most effective advertising channels often pose a great challenge. We make sure you won’t “burn” your marketing budget but invest it sustainably and with measurable success.

We help you in finding the most profitable advertising forms for your business. The basis for this  is an end-to-end tracking system, which captures all forms of advertising. After an in-depth needs analysis, we design a customised advertising strategy for your company. The advertising form that is most suitable for you in terms of performance will be at the top of the list; other advertising platforms are integrated little by little. In many cases, Google Ads is an optimal entry into successful Internet marketing.

But the world does not end with Google. This is why we serve all search engines and place advertising on Bing and Yahoo as well. You’d be surprised how cost-efficient and profitable Internet marketing can be.

In order to exploit as many synergies as possible, you should implement inbound marketing measures, search engine optimisation, content marketing and social media marketing alongside the PPC campaigns.


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