Product feeds – better data for scalable sales

Unleash the full potential of your campaigns on Google Shopping and other platforms and marketplaces. With optimised product feeds, you turn on the turbo charger and secure a real edge over your competitors.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Attain maximum coverage with perfectly prepared data
  • Boost the conversion rate with optimised feeds
  • No rejected products: Ensure perfect adaptation to the requirements of Google Shopping, eBay, etc.

What are product feeds?

If you want to advertise your products on marketplaces and shopping platforms, you always need a product feed that contains the portfolio of the items you offer. With our support, you will be perfectly equipped for the direct contest with your competitors.

We make your feeds fit

With Google Shopping and similar providers, the delivery of ads is not based on logged-in keywords but on product-specific data in a product feed.

The feed should not only be complete and up-to-date but also set up according  to a number of portal-specific criteria. Depending on the product group, the requirements, for the attributes to be specified, differ. Some of them are only permitted in pre-defined formats.

Even if all the data is complete, unmodified titles and descriptions directly exported from the shop are usually not enough to be searched for and clicked in Google Shopping by the target group since they do not contain any or too little relevant information.

Why is the optimisation of the product feed important?

  • The requirements for attributes of products differ. This is why product feeds must be considered individually.
  • Often, important attributes are lacking in the exported feeds or they have the wrong format, which results in the respective articles being rejected. Errors in the feed result in a poor feed quality. If there are too many rejected items, the Merchant Center is blocked.
  • Since there are no keywords that can be logged in, the title and the description must be optimised as far as possible so that they fit the best keywords.
  • The structure of the shopping campaigns is created in the feed.

Google Shopping

One of the most well-known platforms is Google Shopping. The product feed is managed in the Google Merchant Center, and the product ads appear on the Google search results page and in the “Shopping” tab. The products are advertised with Google Shopping campaigns through the Google Ads user interface. Since no keywords are logged in for Google Shopping and the Google algorithm decides largely on the basis of the data in the feed which product is displayed, optimisations of the shopping campaign are done for the most part in the feed.

Ads in Google Shopping focus on the product, not the vendor. This means that Google decides initially which product has the best match; then the vendors offering this product are displayed according to a ranking algorithm. Whether your product or you are at the top of the vendor list depends a lot more on the quality factor than with Google Ads. This includes mainly the quality of the product feed, of the shop and how well the products match the respective search query.

How can we support you?

  • Dynamic optimisation of the Google Shopping feed
  • Creation and regular optimisation of Google Shopping campaigns
  • Editing of the data in the feed in order to facilitate the desired orientations of the shopping campaign
  • Advice for the optimisation of the shop to boost the quality and performance of the campaigns
  • Creation of dynamic remarketing campaigns on the basis of the product feed

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