Programmatic advertising – achieving great success with precise and fast display ads

Display advertising has never been more accurate. Thanks to programmatic advertising there is no need to book banner inventory based on context anymore, instead you can reach the right person with an optimized message at the perfect time. All this automated with a self-learning system.


What are the advantages of programmatic advertising?

  • Avoid spreading loss and unnecessary costs thanks to the valuable data base
  • Great reach through many linked high quality networks
  • High flexibility: programmatic campaigns can be altered precisely to your individual goals

What is programmatic advertising?

Programmatic advertising, or „programmatic“, refers to a technique of display marketing in which individual advertising slots are sold in an automated real time process.

Other than in classic display marketing impressions are no longer chosen purely based on context and bought in fixed priced packages.

Instead, a user-centric targeting is defined and therefore each single impression is valued and (if applicable) auctioned. To reach the highest possible relevance the targeting for the desired target group or persona is enriched with additional data, e. g. the user’s individual properties, education, field of job, affinities, or shopping, online and consumer behavior.

That way the highest possible efficiency in a push marketing measure can be achieved: Ads are only displayed to a highly relevant user group and the focus is no longer on where, but to whom an ad is displayed. Hence, programmatic is also a great technique for B2B businesses and advertisers with very specific target groups.

Flexible opportunities along the customer journey

Programmatic advertising is suitable for both performance and branding campaigns. Advertisers benefit not only from its efficient user targeting, but also from the great reach of the linked networks and the different, even dynamically adapting, creatives. All these assets make programmatic advertising as flexible as nearly no other online marketing measure.

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Be at the right place at the right time with programmatic advertising – this is how we support you:

Would you like to add programmatic advertising to your online marketing mix or do you require help with managing and optimizing existing programmatic campaigns? Our qualified display team ensures a smooth, automated run of your programmatic advertising campaigns for you.

  • Setup and execution of individual programmatic strategies
  • Management and optimization of new or existing campaigns
  • Evaluation and analysis of the campaign’s optimization opportunities
  • Easy entry into the world of programmatic advertising

Do you want to precisely address your potential customers with programmatic advertising?

Consult our qualified account management team at morefire that advises and supports you in each step.