SEA – search engine advertising – more clicks, more customers, more sales

Do you want to acquire customers via Google, Bing and the like? Efficiently, on a measurable basis and constantly? Then there is no way around the ad programs of the search engines. With this, you have the possibility of showing your products and services to future customers at the right time and with the right message.

Search engine advertising (SEA) stands for paid ads on the result pages of search engines. By far, the most important platform for SEA is Google Ads. In addition, the advertising programs of Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and Baidu play a role.

How to acquire new customers through SEA:

  • SEA audit – We capture the status quo and make specific proposals for action
  • SEA consulting – Take advantage of our SEA pros as sparring partners for more success
  • SEA campaign optimisation – Achieve measurably better results step by step

What is SEA?


SEA Audit

Does the performance of your SEA campaigns  not meet your expectations and goals? Would you like to obtain an independent opinion on the setup and structure? Or would you like to identify untapped potential?

In that case, a SEA audit is the right thing for you. In a SEA audit, we look through the microscope at your SEA campaigns. We check the campaign settings, the structure of the ad groups, keywords, ads, extensions and put them to the acid test. In the process, we identify weaknesses and point out optimisation options.

As a result of the SEA audit, we will give you clear recommendations as to how the campaign performance and quality factors can be improved. We would be happy to present the results to you personally in a workshop.

With a SEA audit by morefire, you will boost the performance and quality of your existing SEA campaigns.

Our services:

  • Analysis of the campaign structure
  • Checking the campaign settings
  • Checking the keywords regarding relevance, commands, keyword options and quality factors
  • Reviewing the ad texts and ad enhancements
  • Checking the target pages in terms of relevance and accessibility
  • Analysis of the relevant KPIs and their history
  • Potential analysis on all levels of the SEA account
  • Highlighting weaknesses and optimisation opportunities
  • Presentation of the audit results in a workshop

SEA consulting

Are you controlling your SEA campaign operationally internally? Do you need new ideas for optimisation? Would you like to get the famous last 20% out of your campaigns?
Almost every SEA campaign has unused potential. With the accompanying SEA consultancy from morefire, you will identify the potential and boost your performance significantly.

Starting with your campaign goals, we analyse your SEA campaigns continually in relation to goal achievement, quality and performance and point out optimisation potential. The operational implementation is up to you alone. We recommend meaningful beta tests or new features and are glad to take on the communication with Google and others for you.

In particular, companies with in-house SEA know-how benefit from the advice of our experts. The exchange takes place in a targeted manner and eye to eye as professionals.

Our services:

  • Selection of suitable advertising platforms
  • Definition and analysis of the relevant key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Analysis of the SEA campaigns with regard to performance and quality
  • Identification of optimisation potential
  • Review and recommendation of new functions and features
  • Analysis of conversion tracking
  • Evaluation of trends and developments with regard to relevance and benefits

Communication with Google, Bing ads, etc.

SEA campaign management

Would you like to put the operational management of your SEA campaigns in the hands of the experts? Then you are in the right place with morefire! Whether branding or performance, lead generation or sales maximisation: More than 20 qualified specialists manage the SEA campaigns of our customers on a day to day basis and keep track of every little detail.

From the development of the SEA strategy and the definition of the relevant KPIs all the way to the operational SEA campaign filtering right up to evaluation and optimisation: morefire always works at the highest quality level. A multi-channel approach to SEA campaign filtering, transparent way of working, comprehensive and in-depth SEA know-how and the meaningful use of tools guarantee outstanding results.

morefire supports you in the professional management of your SEA campaigns. In all search engines, in all target markets and in all languages. Worldwide. You can rely on the long-standing experience of our certified SEA experts.

Our services:

  • Development of multi-channel SEA strategies
  • Extensive industry and brand knowledge for international success
  • Use of market-leading tools for automation and bid management
  • Transparent way of working

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