Social ads – how to gain new customers with Facebook, XING and the like

Your target group is accessible in social networks – make use of the right networks for customer acquisition. Whether you want to heighten your brand popularity, boost your conversion rate or the sale of specific products:  With social ads, you can contact your target group directly. You can use YouTube, Facebook, XING, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for customer contact!


Why social ads are so valuable to your business:

  • More targeting: Thanks to detailed information about the users, there is no place where you can filter your target group as accurately as in social networks
  • More coverage: Social networks have a tremendous potential for high traffic – all the while narrowing down your specific target group
  • More goals: Social ads can be used for both building up awareness and the generation of leads or sales
  • More choice: In contrast to search engines, there are several networks with different goals and users
  • No matter whether B2C and B2B: You will always reach your target group via social ads

What are social ads?

All social media offer advertisers and companies the opportunity of placing ads on their platforms. The advantage of social ads is the specific and barrier-free contact to the groups of people. It’s in the nature of social media that users disclose a lot about themselves, their interests, age and social contacts. Thus, promising target groups can be contacted directly.

YouTube ads

YouTube is not only the second largest search machine in the world but also the largest video platform. As a subsidiary of Google, YouTube offers perfect opportunities for video advertising. The creation and control of the video ads is done via the Google Ads interface. This also provides extensive options for a target group-specific approach. Your own video remarketing lists can also be used.

 Examples of YouTube ads:

  • TrueView advertising formats. The ads are placed before the videos and can be skipped. Payment for the advertising is due only when a user watches the video ad for at least 30 seconds or clicks on it. The first 5 seconds are free of charge.
  • Bumper ads: The videos with a length of 6 seconds cannot be skipped. They are especially suitable for display on mobile devices.
  • Shopping cards: Product information can be directly integrated in video ads. When clicking on it, the user gets directly to the shop and can buy the product.
  • Banners: They can appear on YouTube in various versions. For one, outside, as a part of the TrueView format; secondly, within the video.

Facebook ads

Facebook ads are paid ads on Facebook. As a combination of attractive text and image or video, the ads kindle the interest of users in their news stream or in prominent columns of the Facebook pages. Facebook provides many behavioural features, the social status, the interests and the demographic features of their users as detailed targeting options for an individual advertising message. Potential customers who have a certain fundamental interest are bound to the product or brand. A methodologically cleverly selected audience for the ad displays makes it so that hardly any wastage occurs. With a smart advertising campaign, those Facebook users, who are interested in the product, are picked up on a platform that lives from interaction, innovations and news. In addition to the enormous coverage of active users, there exists – depending on the advertising format – the possibility of barrier-free communication between users and companies.

Twitter ads

Twitter is one of the three most popular social platforms. With Twitter ads, brand awareness and user interaction can be boosted. With regard to display, many targeting possibilities (e.g. messaging followers of the competition) are available. Whether online shop, service provider or B2B company – Twitter ads are interesting for all those who know their target group.

LinkedIn ads

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network and is also growing quite strongly in Germany. Advertising on LinkedIn is extremely interesting for companies in the B2B area.

The target groups for the text/image ads can be selected by companies, industries, fields of activities or career levels. There are more options such as geographical or demographic features. This means you can determine quite precisely who will get to see the ad.

Campaigns on LinkedIn are settled either by CPM or CPC. Companies can choose here whether they want to focus on coverage or on performance.

XING ads

XING is a professional social network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with over 12 million users. It is an indispensable partner for social ads, particularly in the B2B area. This leading business platform offers advertisers various product modes such as display, sponsored posts or sponsored mailings. The targeting options include a large number of detailed parameters, so that wastage is reduced to a minimum. The campaigns can be settled by CPM.

Instagram ads

On Instagram, brands and companies can utilise the fascinating impact of photos and moving-image content and build up a community in a creative way. The focus of ads on Instagram is currently on branding.

Advertising campaigns on Instagram can be created and managed via the Facebook Business Manager. Similar targeting opportunities can be used as in the case of Facebook.

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