Web analytics – generate data, understand data and use it for marketing success

Lay the foundation for your digital business success with an optimal web analytics strategy. We support you with the collection of relevant website data and target-oriented consequences.


Successful web analytics

  • Web analytics forms the basis of all online marketing measures: use data for successful decisions
  • Track and analyze your target group in order to identify potentials and needs
  • Optimise your website and campaigns based on the right data: this is how you get more sales out of it

What is web analytics?

Web analytics, also called web controlling, is the foundation of all online marketing disciplines. Digital marketing campaigns can be optimised successfully only if they are based on a solid Web analytics. With the support of web analytics, you can collect valuable data about the user and customer behaviour. This way, weaknesses can be identified and potentials built out.

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Our services

  • Development and implementation of a tailor-made tracking concept
  • Advice and provision of suitable web analytics tools
  • One-time or regular reporting and dashboards

Your website goals

In a first step, we discuss the goals of your website with you, which are inferred from your business objectives. As a fundamental component, they should be the focal point of all your online marketing measures.  Once we have determined your website goals and the corresponding key figures in conjunction with you, we develop a tracking concept for you that serves as the basis for long-term success in the area of Web analytics.

Very likely, you pursue one or more of the following objectives with your website:

  • Making your brand known and strengthening it
  • Depiction of your business or your organisation
  • Lead generation, collection of contact data
  • Service & support revolving around your products
  • Transfer of information
  • Online sales of products (especially for online shops)
  • Sales via the placement of advertising

All these website goals can be very accurately measured and evaluated by means of Web analytics tools. You can determine, for example, which marketing measures yield the greatest success or which channels are worthwhile to invest in. The attainment of your website goals is shown by key figures (KPIs).

Define key figures, develop a tracking concept

morefire supports you in the definition of the relevant KPIs and develops for you the right tracking concept for the measurement and evaluation of your website goals. There are no “off-the-shelf” solutions in web analytics. Every company has individual goals and needs individual solutions. Thanks to our many years of experience in digital projects of all types and sizes, we define in conjunction with you the most efficient and most constructive approach to your web analytics.

If lead generation is one of your main goals, you will probably be interested in the question of how much a lead that you generate with Google Ads will cost you in comparison with other channels; or which supporting role your activities in social media play in lead generation.

Perhaps you want to measure the feedback to your last newsletter. How many customers have bought your latest product after opening the newsletter? No matter what goals you are pursuing, nearly everything can be measured and evaluated with the right tracking concept.

Measure goals, overcome technical hurdles

Of course, the measurement of your Web site goals poses a certain technical challenge. If you have any experience with the integration of Web analytics tools, you will know how difficult it can be to track a simple contact form or integrate e-commerce tracking in a booking process.

We have the necessary technical know-how at our disposal to support you with the set-up of your web analytics tool. Whether you want to know how often your new white paper was downloaded via which channel; how often your website was called up owing to your latest radio spot; or how many customers called your hotline after they clicked on an Google Ads ad: we have the right tracking ideas and tracking solutions for you.

Which web analytics tool is right one for you?

The first decision to be made is the selection of the right tracking tool. There are a whole range of possibilities: free open-source solutions, high-priced premium application and many other suppliers that range between these two extremes.

We often recommend to our customers that they should work with Google Analytics since this tool meets all the requirements of state-of-the-art web analytics and can be easily linked with other important services such as Google Ads and Google Search Console. There are other Web providers of Web analytics tools, though, with whom we have worked successfully, e.g. the German companies Econda and etracker. Together with you, we will find the tool that best matches your needs. In addition, we will define which other tracking technologies, e.g. telephone tracking, should be integrated in your Web analytics tool.

Evaluate goal attainment, identify potential

Of course, the collection of data is not everything. From our long-standing experience gained in a great variety of online projects, we know how complex Web analytics data can be processed in a meaningful way and comprehensibly in order to guarantee a compelling evaluation.

Was the amount you invested in Google Ads last month worth it? Do your Facebook ads boost sales? Where are other potentials for the online success of your business?

Reporting and dashboards for better business decisions

Reporting and dashboards are quite well suited to evaluate past performance; but, most importantly, they should help you to make better business decisions in the future. As your steady analytics agency, we not only deliver regular evaluations to you but also help you to interpret and understand the data. Based on the hard facts we deliver to you by way of the Web analytics, you will make better decisions in future with respect to the distribution of your marketing budget and the further development of your online marketing strategy. Furthermore, we include regular recommendations for the optimization of your Website in the evaluations we send you.

One-time evaluations on specific issues

It often happens that in order to plan a particular project, a sales meeting or a presentation, you need detailed data on a specific issue. On request, we will gladly prepare evaluations for the planning of a relaunch, a product launch or for your next lectures and meetings.

Web site optimization

Once you give us the chance to support you with Web analytics, we deliver not only regular evaluations to you but also recommendations for the optimization of your Web pages and apps. We help you achieve your digital goals and thus your business objectives far more effectively.

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